Phone, Internet and TV in Dubai

Phone, Internet and TV in Dubai

When you’re settling in to live in Dubai, you’ll have to go through a few things to get yourself set up.  Of course, one of those is going to be your phone, internet and TV.

Once you’ve gone through and got your apartment or villa all sorted, your Ejari finalised, your DEWA connected and paid for, you’re going to find yourself in a lovely home with no Wifi and, if you’ve got kids, they’re going to be getting pretty unhappy at this point.

So, you need to get your Internet switched on.

Or, you find yourself sitting in front of your brand new 55” OLED TV and you’re about to flick it on and watch your favourite TV show and you’re met with nothing but a blue screen impatiently flashing, ‘No input.’

Now, you need to get your TV set up.

Or, you’re waiting at home for somebody to call you on your landline.  Just kidding, nobody uses landlines anymore.

Either way, you need to get your home connected to the rest of the world and, for this, you’ve got two options.  You can either decide to go with Etisalat or Du, the only two telecommunication companies in Dubai.  We’ll go into them a little bit later.

In terms of packages, you’ve got a good variety from each provider however the packages are usually very similar to the other companies.  Also, you’re going to want to look at getting phone, internet and TV all packaged together because even though nobody actually uses a landline (you’re welcome to, if you want) it works out cheaper to buy all three together than one individually.

Du is a newer telecommunication company in the UAE, started in 2005 in order to open up the options from the previous only running telecom company in the UAE, Etisalat.  Etisalat has been running since 1976 and was previously the only option.

Your decision between Etisalat and Du might simply be the coverage areas they have, as some areas are only set up for Etisalat and some areas are only set up with Du.  Your real estate agent will be able to tell you which of the two companies is currently serving the area and, luckily, if you’ve got two then you’ve got a little bit more choice than others.

Setting Up Your Etisalat or Du Connection

The easiest method for setting up your Du or Etisalat connection is to visit one of their many stores around the Emirate.  They’re in most of the malls.  You’ll need to provide them with some required documents, though.  These are:

  • Your Emirates ID or your Passport with a valid resident visa page
  • Valid tenancy contract or a copy of the ownership deed with your name and physical address

You must also be over 21 in order to set up any Du connections.

You’ll have to inquire at Etisalat directly to see if there are any differences.


Now your TV, internet and phone is all sorted, you can spend some time looking at all of the great golf courses in the UAE such as some of the fantastic golf course in Dubai